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Sing out at the top of your lungs

The radio station I listen to is Charlie FM, which plays everything. And they mean everything the other day they played Disco Duck featuring Disney's very own Donald. This is my favorite station because I've never been able to choose which type of music I like best. There are too many songs that I enjoy from every genre: blues, jazz, rock, punk, and yes even country.

I wonder if our personal choice of song provides some insight into our psyche. Sometimes the answers are surprising, sometimes not. Even if they did provide some insight, it would be inconclusive I think because there are so many other variables in life. You can't use a song to know someone, but its always fun to try. Some of my favorite tunes are Mack the Knife, Sugar Sugar, Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket, Hallelujah...among many many others. But there are also those random songs that get stuck in my mind ever so often.

A few weeks ago while I was eating dinner with my family in San Francisco we were talking about those persistent songs that get stuck in your head all the time. This isn't necessarily your favorite song. For instance: the song perpetually on a loop in my mind is "No More I Love Yous" by Annie Lennox, but this is not my favorite song. Do be do be do do do, Ah ah. And when I finally listened to all the lyrics I realized it was a creepy song. But I'm stuck with it. I find myself humming the do be do be do do do chorus constantly while Im reading, washing the dishes, or surfing the net. Or often the other song stuck in my head is that April Showers song from Disney's Bambi movie, and that is definitely not on my top ten list of favorites. Drip drip drop little April showers

Anyway, at this dinner I was telling you about, I ordered a steak and was carving away when I asked my Dad what song was stuck in his head -- The Allman brothers...yeah they have some pretty catchy tunes. Ramblin' Man is nice.

And Mom had a bunch of those little kid story-hour tunes knocking around her mind...we know them all, we were there once. Sad, so sad. (I admit these repetitive rhyming ditties get caught in my brain from time to time...but Ill spare you the torment of quoting).

My little sis Malia on the other hand has been immersed in the country twang of our generation, and she knows almost every popular country song thats on the radio, word for word. I don't know if I should be upset or not. Her mind is swirling with bad country lyrics: She's a redneck woman, Hell Yeah! (but she refused to say "hell" because apparently that's a naughty word).

So there we were, humming and tapping to the songs that were now inevitably drifting through our minds. (You can't bring up that one particular song in a conversation without it sticking around and becoming a nuisance.)

As we were all singing a country song we all knew about the guy who chooses fishing over his woman, the waitress came over and Dad asked what song was stuck in her head at that very moment. Her immediate answer: Puff The Magic Dragon.

Tell me, please -- What is the song that circles your mind from time to time? Not your favorite song per se, but the one that refuses to be forgotten. What song is stuck in your head at this very moment?
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