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Cosmology Spies and Rules of Etiquette

I have spies on the other side who gave me top secret information about Herchel's schedule. With these urgent facts, I was able to reinforce my previous problems and present my reconstructed answers the next morning. Wonderful! With this precious info I should easily win future battles.

When at an important dinner, etiquettely you are not supposed to discuss Religion, Politics, or SEX! And you always pass the salt and pepper as a couple.

Etiquettely...is that a word? Well, it is now.

Damn Americans! Always eating the American way and oblivious to the continental (international) way of holding your fork and knife. Yet I discovered I don't eat Americanly, I naturally held my fork and knife continentally -- it seems obvious that you would hold the knife and cut with your right hand while spearing or scooping your food with the fork in your left hand (but apparently I'm strange). Well, if I ever go to another country I won't be ridiculed from the dinner table because I held my silverware wrong. I do love my food.

If you can't talk about Religion, Politics, or Sex, what can you talk about? eventually it seems like any conversation makes its way around to these three categories...or maybe I just associate with the wrong company; a valid possibility.

I guess I must remain etiquettely wrong, because I simply won't change my present company. Besides, it's more interesting and exciting to talk about Religion, Politics, and Sex. Controversy promises a firery discussion.

However, it you are contemplating murder for any reason because of a controversial debate...take it outside, especially if we're eating.
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