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Rainbow Gold

Fridays are such wonderful days, agreed? Jody and I just witnessed a beautiful rainbow that started at our window and ended at the chapel. Now we are planning what we will do with the pot of gold we have procured. Perhaps we will sail to some exotic country...we could buy all of the land in the world...we'll pay Bush to stop his war and think of a better, well thought out alternative (he'd probably take the money too -- it's quite a bit of gold)...we will do nothing for the rest of our lives and revel in luxurious laziness (wait, we already do that). Maybe we will just save it for a rainy day...er, well in Portland that is everyday, so maybe not. Anyway, before we can do anything with our new fortune, we have to hot-foot it down to the shuttle and travel downtown so we can watch a recent Feature Presentation. That's the plan and we are sticking to it...after all, I don't know how many people will accept a pot full of leprechaun gold, but we can always hope.
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