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The Problem of the Missing Snow People

Contemplating life is a frustrating occupation. But Liv had a nice piece of wisdom the other day:

"That's what life is, a million different realizations. You always know basic truths about yourself, but realizing that you know it already is how we learn."

A truly excellent tid bit of advice from the wise. I thought it was a nice realization.

Marriage has been a much discussed topic of coversation arouns here...mainly because most of the people I talk to are around that age where Marriage, or the discussion thereof, becomes relevent and sometimes important. Different opinions about marriage are all aross the board. And then the other day, two freshmen got married after knowing eachother for only two weeks. Technically, this piece of information is none of anyone's business except the newly weds (unless it effects our life in some direct way, which it doesn't), but since there was an article in the campus newsletter about this marriage, it has caused even more debates and discussions on the already hot topic of marriage.

As for the freshmen, I would like to say I wish them the best of luck and convey my congratulations; however, on the other hand, I almost hope the union is not a success so other people who are thinking of marrying after only knowing eachother for two weeks will look at their example and think twice. But like I said, it's really none of my business, and my initial reaction is to congratulate.

Yet, the subject of marriage and romantic relationships is still prevelent in the daily life of a senior college student. As for me personally, marriage is a distant prospect that is only discussed through the examples and experience of those around me (fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on how you view the situation).

It's snowing in Alaska, and I said the other day, "It's snowing in Alaska. My little sister already made a snowman, and I have no men whatsoever."

I was only being silly, as usual, but I guess it's true in some odd way. I don't even have a snowman (or a snow woman for that matter, but I don't swing that way, someone else can have my snow woman).

And why should the topic of serious relationships and marriage be so prevelant right now, when I have a thesis to write and modernist novels to read?
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