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Cosmological Battles

Jody and I turned on No Doubt and swept through our room on a spring cleaning spree (No Doubt is cleaning music afterall). We carried a red vaccuum across the grassy knoll, but unfortunately it wouldn't quite reach all the way under the beds. So we walked all the way back across the grassy knoll and sat dejectedly near the office door; well Jody sat dejectedy because we were being rejected by the non-existant "RA-on-duty," but I was just jected -- neither de nor re.

After our vaccuum escapade, Katy and Stephan made an appearance and frantically looked for the food we had moved to a new location. Finally Stephan pulled open a drawer and discovered the missing snacks. Obviously we then had to eat peanut butter smeared on club crackers as I struggled unsuccessfully with my cosmology problems. (I swear, I understand the book, and the lectures, and I understand the mathematical equations involved, but there's always something screwy about Herschel's homemade problems...damn you, Snodgrass!)

This morning after staying up half the night tackling physics problems and hearing psychic predictions about my future husband (see Xanga.com), I woke up bright and early to walk briskly to my first class - COSMOLOGY!

Needless to say, I didn't pay much attention because Herschel repeats the same lecture for about two weeks until moving onto the next one, so I've already heard this particular rant. Instead, I reviewed the chapter myself and took notes, still trying to figure out those bugger problems. Of course, once class let out, it was misting outside, and I had to walk all the way back up to Akin with little speckles of rain on my glasses. This is Portland afterall.

My Religion class was a brief interlude between attacks from my cosmology homework and the continuing battle, which ended at five when I surrendered and had to turn in my work. Usually I return victorious from one of these bouts with astronomy; alas I think physics won this battle, but I intend to win the WAR! I'm going to have a brief meeting with Colonel Snodgrass to work out a war strategy for the next big fight.

A different battle, and a different war, is my public discourse paper and impending speech. I think I have the upper hand throughout this war, plus I can call in reinforcements, and the element of time is on my side (there should be no external interference in this case, which was sadly untrue for the past weekend of Easter baptisms and Cat Ballou...poor, neglected, EVIL cosmology).

Today wasn't the best of days, but it wasn't the worst of days either. It is only 7:30, so I am sure the evening will improve, especially with the prospect of study breaks and snacks.
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