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Just sitting here. Listening. There is a novel being read behind me in the background, but somehow I am not interested. I've already missed the beginning of the story, so I wouldn't understand what's happening now anyway. I do know that one of the main characters is Lotus Cloud. Interesting.

"The Stones are Hatching" is a very strange book. "Another Roadside Attraction" is even crazier! Yowza...drugs...sex...more drugs...more sex...and Jesus Christ. hmmmm.

Every conversation during dinner somehow makes its way around to Harry Potter and Chemistry. We never grow tired of discussing these two subjects...maybe that's because the Harry Potter subject remains fresh in our mind with continuous re-caps of online fan-fics starring Draco Malfoy...and apparently chemistry professors (and majors for that matter) are certified loons.

SUCROSE OR DEATH! um...sucrose.

Sometimes the professors are even compared to Snape: you know, potions, chemistry...is there a difference?

The "Cat's Meow" is an interesting movie. Based on actual movie actors and comedians, I wonder how much of it was even remotely accurate. Yowza...Marion Davis...Charlie Chaplin...etc. Kirsten Dunst did a fabulous job! And of course there was Eddy Izzard as Charlie.

nibble nibble nibble
(squirrel cocks his head to one side with a nervous,quizzical look)
did i leave the stove on? (pause)
of course not, i'm a squirrel for godssake!
nibble nibble nibble

Well, in the words of Eddy Izzard:

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